With this section we wanted to provide some thoughts on little perks to enhance your experience while in Jasper. Here you will find reviews on various things such as mobile phone applications. Also you will eventually see recommendations on things to do and the top recommended trails and sights in Jasper. Keep an eye on this section as more items are reviewed. We will post this information once we get around to it!

App Review

Are you looking for different and interesting ways to plan your trip? If you have a Smart Phone there are numerous Apps available that can help with various aspects of your trip.  We have found that iPhones are extremely handy and there are many Apps that are available that will make your stay more enjoyable. Here you will find some Apps that we feel may be of some interest.

To assist you with your stay in Jasper there have been several developers for the iPhone and other devices who have made Apps specific to the area. These Apps do have the ability to maximize your National Park experience where others are simply a money grab and a waste of time. We want to help you out with finding the best Apps for your stay while warning you of the ones that are garbage. This is only our take on what is available for the iPhone as of the summer of 2012. We will post updates as more come available.

What is the must have

This selection of Apps are what we would recommend to ensure that your trip to Jasper is most memorable. The best part is these ones are all free!

My Vacation Lite                          Jasper Apps                     Free

This is a digital journal of your trip. Snap some pics, type some commentary and it is all geo-referenced.

Topographic Maps Canada     David Crawshay                Free

For anyone who is hiking in the Park use this App to download all the Canada topo maps for free. Make sure you use wifi to download.

Weather Underground              Weather Underground     Free

You don't necessarily need this one but it offers hourly forecasts, perfect for determining the beach or the trail.

Parks Canada                             Parks Canada                    Free

 The best thing is it has easy navigation to the Park website where you can get trail conditions and bear reports.

Avalanche                        Canadian Avalanche Centre        Free

If you do any backcountry skiing then this is a must. Provides access to avalanche danger ratings.

What is the nice to have 

These Apps are not critical to the success of your stay here in Jasper but they do add a little extra to the experience. Some of these do have a price but you will find them worth while.

Jasper Park Companion                            Mountain Apps Inc.       $4.99

Map based information on many of the mountains and trails in the Park. There is also access to Parks bulletins.

Jasper Park Companion (Townsite)        Mountain Apps Inc.       Free

Same as above only with limited information on mountains, trails and other points of interest.

The Rockies Audio Guide                            Mountain Apps Inc.       $9.99

GPS enabled audio tour of highway 93 from Jasper to Banff. The great thing is that different information is played on the return trip.

Stellarium                                                         Froenchenko L.            Free

Use this to identify all the major constellations and planets as you view the starry sky .

Sun Seeker Lite                                             Ajnaware Pty Ltd           Free

What to know where the sun is supposed to be or planning your perfect sunset shot.

iBird Explorer Canada                                 Mitch Waite Group         $0.99

The best part of this App are the calls. Right now it is on sale. Consider guides for mammals, tracks and plants to cover off the whole spectrum.

 What to avoid 

This list of Apps are ones that we would not recommend downloading, especially if they cost any money. We have found they are quite generic among other things. With that being said you may still find some use for them. 

Frontier Travel                              Freecom Internet Services      Free

For looking to book an activity with a specific company.

Jasper Go-Guide                         Snow Seekers Inc.                    Free

Information on Marmot Basin and shops. Has an outdated map.

Amazing CANADA -ROCKIES   9195-7985 QUEBEC INC.      Free

A bunch of photos with some descriptions. The Jasper one is free but the Banff one costs $0.99.

All of these Apps below are pretty much the same. You are paying for convenience to search for restaurants and gas stations.

Jasper National Park World Travel                      Feng             $0.99

Jasper National Park- Offline Guide                   Voyagerlts     $2.99

Jasper National Park                                            iTourism         $2.99


We wanted to break this section down into a couple categories. Early/ late season trails and premiere trails. Within this you will see day hikes and  multi day trips. Until more information is added into this section we will leave you with this little sample. 

Early/ Late Season Hikes

Day Hikes- Valley of the 5 Lakes

Multi Day Trips- Jaques Lake

Premiere Hikes

Day Hikes- Cavell Meadows

Multi Day Trips- Tonquin Velley