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Cavell Meadows is Open

Posted by Storms Retreat on Monday, July 23, 2012,
With much of the previous winters snow gone, the trail to Cavell Meadows at Mount Edith Cavell is now open. This trail is perhaps the most scenic, picturesque trail in the whole park. The trail had a delayed opening due to the higher snowfall and cooler June than what we normally see here (anecdotal and not based on hard data). Visitors now have all the trail options that are available in the area. There are 3 reasons to visit the area:
1- hanging glacier. Although it is changing rapidly, this...
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Hot Weather Is Finally Here

Posted by Storms Retreat on Sunday, July 8, 2012,
After the month of rain that we have experienced in June, summer has finally arrived. With the changes in the weather the trail conditions have also changed. Several of the trail closures that were implemented during the flooding of the Maligne River and other areas have been partially lifted. People can now access 6th Bridge at Maligne Canyon Trail. 

Other thing of note is the wildlife movement patterns have changed. As we are now experiencing temperatures in the high 20's animals such as bea...
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Maligne Valley

Posted by Storms Retreat on Tuesday, July 3, 2012,
Medicine Lake is still full and the normally dry Maligne River outlet is still flowing at a large volume. With the heavy rains today it appears that the lake will be high for some time to come. We haven't seen any kayakers in the last week since the first group paddled the Excalibur. I am sure that there are U Tube postings by now. 

If there is any location for folks to see a bear it is the Maligne Valley right now. On 4 separate occasions driving up to Maligne Lake there have been anywhere fr...
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 Special Bulletins

Cavell Meadows Trail now open.pdf Cavell Meadows Trail now open.pdf
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Bear Warnings and Closures.pdf Bear Warnings and Closures.pdf
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Trail Closure Lifted.pdf Trail Closure Lifted.pdf
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Opal Hills Warning and Closure.pdf Opal Hills Warning and Closure.pdf
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Opal Hills Warning - Closure Map.jpg Opal Hills Warning - Closure Map.jpg
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