With much of the previous winters snow gone, the trail to Cavell Meadows at Mount Edith Cavell is now open. This trail is perhaps the most scenic, picturesque trail in the whole park. The trail had a delayed opening due to the higher snowfall and cooler June than what we normally see here (anecdotal and not based on hard data). Visitors now have all the trail options that are available in the area. There are 3 reasons to visit the area:
1- hanging glacier. Although it is changing rapidly, this cirque glacier towers above your head and what once formed, an silhouette of an angel, hence its name. 
2- alpine meadows. Hiking from moraine to forest to meadows, you travel through a land of contrasts. Elevations are over 2000m above sea level.
3- serrac falls. If you spend long enough time here you will inevitably see a serac fall which are large blocks of ice collapsing from the glacier in a thunderous roar.