After the month of rain that we have experienced in June, summer has finally arrived. With the changes in the weather the trail conditions have also changed. Several of the trail closures that were implemented during the flooding of the Maligne River and other areas have been partially lifted. People can now access 6th Bridge at Maligne Canyon Trail. 

Other thing of note is the wildlife movement patterns have changed. As we are now experiencing temperatures in the high 20's animals such as bears are keeping to the cooler forests. If you are wanting to view wildlife during these days of warmer temperatures you are now going to have to be a little more strategic. Choose travel times that are early in the day or later in the evening. This is when animals such as bears are more willing to venture into the open to feed on things such as dandelions. By also choosing these times you are less inclined to be stuck in traffic.  

The lakes and rivers will be a popular choice for many people. Take note that water levels remain high. Lakes such as Pyramid, Horseshoe and Annette are all still quite high. This means that the sandy beach areas are quite small. If you are wanting to go to the beach it is best to get there early as beach real estate will be at a premium!