Medicine Lake is still full and the normally dry Maligne River outlet is still flowing at a large volume. With the heavy rains today it appears that the lake will be high for some time to come. We haven't seen any kayakers in the last week since the first group paddled the Excalibur. I am sure that there are U Tube postings by now. 

If there is any location for folks to see a bear it is the Maligne Valley right now. On 4 separate occasions driving up to Maligne Lake there have been anywhere from 2 to 6 bears observed between the canyon and the lake. Given the weather, there is no better thing to do than take a drive up to Maligne Lake and see bears, sheep, elk, deer and moose. You are almost guaranteed to see these species. 

Opal Hills up at Maligne Lake has a warning on the trail and a partial closure due to a grizzly frequenting the area. This bear (or possibly 2 bears) does not seem to be all that concerned about the presence of humans. This is of course a concern to us as it appears the bear(s) are way too accustomed to people. If you are hiking the area be sure to bring bear spray and make noise.