It is official. Medicine Lake is now full. The lower Maligne River is now flowing on the surface all the way to the canyon. This happens about once every decade. The last time this occurred was in 2002, exactly a decade ago. In 2002 however there was nowhere near the volume that is flowing out today. For a comparable time we have to look back even further to about 1994. The interesting thing is that it is only June and we haven't seen the real effects of summer yet. Expect more water pouring through. 

For folks that are out of the loop, Medicine Lake is a karst system. Surface water pours in from the Middle Maligne River and drains out through a network of caverns and resurfaces around the Maligne Canyon area.  This is a unique feature and well worth a visit to the area. It is even more interesting if you plan another visit at the end of summer to compare the lake as it will be nearly drained.