Your suite experience 

Storms Retreat is located in the town of Jasper in Jasper National Park. Centrally located, you are close to almost everything. Restaurants are a mere one minute walk from the door and the Information Centre, where you can get all the latest information on the Park, is 2 blocks away right in the heart of the town of Jasper.

The suite has been developed with couples in mind (2 people only) where you will find nearly two of everything in the room. This includes bath robes, slippers and a number of other items.

Your room is situated in a newly built home just completed in 2011 on the lower level which will require you to use stairs. The facilities are exceptionally clean and modern. Storms Retreat has been in operation since January of 2012 so you know that everything is fresh and new. 

Booking at Storms Retreat provides you with a private room that offers a semi private entrance. This way you may come and go as you please. No concerns for waking anyone up if you need to get out early to get to that special place to watch the sunrise. 

Often times parking is limited in the town site, however, parking is plentiful at the Retreat and you are able to park near your door for a quick getaway. 

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  What is offered

The suite offers a full array of amenities and features. Compare us to other accommodations or even hotels and you will agree Storms Retreat exceeds expectations. In addition to a spacious, comfortable room, this is what is included in the suite:

               Wireless Internet                                                                                                           Access to hundreds of Blueray and DVD movies

               46" LCD Television                                                                                                       Netflix at your fingertips

               Playstation 3                                                                                                                 Local guidebooks and field guides including most recent versions

               Satellite TV                                                                                                                   A small library of other books including local history

               Weather station with temperature and barometer                                                        Day packs and hiking poles

               In-room safe                                                                                                                 Rain jacket and pants


Consider Storms Retreat a base camp for your excursions into world renown Jasper National Park. We know that Jasper is a big place and there is a tremendous amount of things to see and do. This means that at the end of the day you are going to want to relax. We have put that thought into the design of the suite. This is what you will also find:

               Queen sized bed with pillow top                                                                                 Very comfortable pillows  

               Plush robes with slippers                                                                                            Relaxing chairs with a real bison rug at your feet

               Electric Fireplace to enhance the ambiance                                                               Fully equipped bathroom with tub

While on vacation you do not always want to go out to a restaurant to eat, or you may not have time to go to one. This is why we have provided a small kitchenette for you to prepare lunches and snacks for your outings. You will also find complimentary beverages on your arrival. To make your outings easier we have also provided the following:

               Small Fridge                                                                                                                    Microwave

               Large counter for preparation                                                                                         Dishes, cutlery and glasses

               Small sink                                                                                                                       Coffee Pot

               Hot plate                                                                                                                         Pots and Pans


Suite Rates

  During the months of July and August, we only allow booking of THREE night minimums, however we could be flexible. If you wish to stay in the suite, please book online at Booking.comAre you planning on staying in Jasper for more than a week or are you planning on multiple return trips? Contact us for special rates. 

 Rates $150.00 per night. 

Please book with Booking.Com to reserve your dates!



Take the Tour!

Undecided if Storms Retreat is just right for you? Click the link to take a virtual tour of the suite. There is no better way to get a feel of what the Suite is like than this Virtual Tour.

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