Things to Do

Planning your stay in Jasper can be easier when you have all the resources in one location. Here you will find links to most websites that you may want to use to plan your visit and to improve your stay. You will also find when you book your stay at the Storms Retreat, your suite is stocked with the latest guidebooks and references for Jasper National Park and some information on adjacent Banff National Park. All this is done to ensure that during your visit you don't miss anything.

 Summer Day Planning

Haven't figured out what you are going to do when you arrive? Here are a few suggestions to plan your time in Jasper. The reality is there are many options for day planning. Proposed below is what we would consider the essence of Jasper.

Day 1 Old Fort Point

Chances are you are arriving in the afternoon and you are going to want to get settled in. After the bags have been unpacked either walk, bike or drive less than 2 kilometers south of town across the truss bridge over the Athabasca River to the parking lot. From here you have the choice of the direct route up a series of stairs or the indirect route that takes you around the back of Old Fort Point. Plan it according to the amount of time you have available. From the top you will have a 360 vista of the Three Valley Confluence including the townsite. Often times you will observe sheep along the hill side. For a longer day you can link this trail with the Valley of the 5 Lakes.

Day 2 Mount Edith Cavell

You had a restful sleep at the Retreat and now for your first big day. What can be arguably be the best hike in the Park, we suggest to go to Mount Edith Cavell and hike the meadows loop. Combined with the Path of the Glacier trail and a short walk to the bridge at the end of Cavell Lake (not the glacier lake below Angel Glacier) for momentous photographs, you have what makes this area, Jasper. Finish off the day with a drive to Athabasca Falls via Hwy 93A and then return to Jasper.

Day 3 Columbia Icefields

At some point on any trip you will want to see Jasper's biggest attraction. About a hundred kilometers south on the Icefields Parkway, down one of the worlds most scenic roads is the Columbia Icefield. An area about 300 square kilometers the visitor in the valley can only see the absolute edge. At the Icefields Center you have a few options between guided hikes, snow coach tours or self guided trips. We suggest stopping in at the Info desk to get conditions and then hiking to the toe of the glacier. Across the valley take the Wilcox trail to get some great views of Mount Athabasca and glimpses of the Icefield itself.

Day 4 Maligne Lake

It is hard to top a trip to the Icefields but Maligne Lake certainly does it. Approximately 40 km down the Maligne road this area has a diverse abundance of wildlife opportunities. If there is ever a location to spot bears, this road is it. Along the road are several stops worth visiting. The first is Maligne Canyon, a narrow yet deep slot canyon with impressive falls. The next point of interest is Medicine Lake. Most years the outlet river is dry with all of the inflow draining through a karst system. At Maligne Lake you have several possibilities. Rent a boat, take a cruise to Spirit Island or hike one of several trail options. Our favorite is Opal hills. This steep trail quickly gets you into the subalpine and great views of the lake. Be forewarned though, this area is frequented by 1 or 2 grizzly bears.

Day 5 Miette Hotsprings

By this time you are probably nursing some aches and pains. There is no better way to finish a trip than to spend some time soaking in the Hot Springs at Miette. If you are heading to Edmonton this is on the way (sort of). It is a 15km side trip off the highway. Miette Hot Springs is one of the hottest springs in the Mountain Parks. You can combine the soak with a great hike up the Sulphur Ridge a 4 km one way hike to a 2070m peak. The only question remains, who is going to drive home?

 Alternative Summer Activities

Perhaps you are looking for something a little different (or a lot different). With the diversity of the topographic relief that is Jasper there is something that you will find that interests you.

Whitewater Rafting

There are several companies in Jasper that offer trips down the Athabasca, Sunwapta and Fraser Rivers. One of the companies is even the oldest rafting company in Canada. The best trip, if the water levels are good, is the Sunwapta River. 

Horseback Riding

There are two options to consider when thinking about hitting the trails on a horse. There are the day tips and for those who want the full rustic backcountry experience, multi day trips. For day trips either check out Pyramid Stables or Jasper Park Lodge. You will enjoy the vistas offered on the trail 2 loop on Pyramid bench.

Rock Climbing

Jasper has a few great locations for rock climbing. Check out the local store Gravity Gear on Patricia Street, only a couple minutes walk from your suite, to get the latest information on conditions and guides to hire.


As with rock climbing here are several great locations and some truly classic climbs in Jasper. Mount Athabasca in the Columbia Icefields is one of the most popular alpine climbs in Canada.


An emerging activity that combines elements of hiking, mountaineering, rock climbing and river swimming. Jasper is home to a multitude of canyons to explore.

 Links to Important Jasper National Park Reports

Use the below links to view various Reports and Bulletins to help plan your daily activities while you are in Jasper. Many of the reports are updated daily.

 Parks Canada Trail Condition Report

Whether it is the winter or the summer, check this link to find the latest information on most of the trails in Jasper National Park. Check here before you head out to the trail to see what the general condition are like.

 Parks Canada Bear Report

Click here to see where the bears have been sighted over the past week. This link also has important wildlife viewing information.

 Parks Canada Closures and Notices

Planning to go someplace in particular within the Park? Check here to see if there are any special notices or restrictions in the area that you are planning to visit.

Parks Canada Avalanche Bulletin

If you plan on any skiing or climbing during Avalanche season, check here for current information on avalanche conditions and other special bulletins.

 Local Business Feature

Follow this link to a list of several businesses in Jasper that are worth visiting.  From tour companies to art galleries you will find the right service here.

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